5 Reasons to Never Start a Blog

Here it is.  My newly minted blog.  With all the fits and starts here, it’s a wonder that I actually cleared out some webspace, downloaded the updated WordPress version, opened a new MySQL database, ran the “famous 5-minute install,” picked a theme and started this at http://natestrong.com.


Let me welcome you to my brand new blog by telling you why you should never start a blog.


It takes too much time

Creating content is hard.  Believe me, I work in this industry.  I’ve seen so many members struggle to create content over and over again.  It’s one thing to have a content plan, and to even start a blog, but to actually sit down and write good content – sucks.  Really sucks.  Don’t sucker yourself into it.


It’s just keeping up with the Joneses

Who wants to do that?  You’re like…10 years late to the party if you’re just starting a blog.  You might looks like you’re trying to be cool or something by starting a blog.  But really you look like a tourist in Seattle with an umbrella in the rain – you think you’re fitting in, but really you’re sticking out like a sore thumb.


You have to keep coming up with new content

Gross.  Really – this is probably one of the worst parts.  This means researching what people want to read, reading other blogs, keeping up with the news, trends, SEO, etc. etc. etc.  Who wants to do that?


You are now a website administrator. Welcome to hell.

Oh, WordPress had a huge security flaw and now your website is infected by Malware?  Have fun fixing that!  Didn’t install the right honeypot or CAPTCHA on your blog? Spam heaven!  Users hate your new CAPTCHA plugin?  Engagement goes down and angry emails ensue.  Being a webmaster is no walk in the park.  Trust me, I’ve done this.  Oh and I guess I’m doing it now, again.


All you end up with is clickbaiting posts giving “5 Reasons Why…” but you can’t come up with the 5th Reason

That 5th reason is the worst.  And when you keep creating content, you keep having to come up with that 5th reason, because you’ve just clickbaited all of your users.  You’re worse than the Huffington Post!

There it is, folks.  The 5 Reasons to Never Start a Blog.  Here’s the thing, though – I’m ignoring all of them and finally pulling the trigger.  Follow me on Twitter, and here – I’m going to try to produce content on Startups, Marketing, and Life in the Pacific Northwest.  Join me; I’ll try to not clickbait you all the time.

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