About Cover-01

It’s the #startuplife.

Originally from the Washington, DC area – Olney, MD to be exact, I thrust off the suburban lifestyle to move to Seattle.  I attended Seattle Pacific University, but didn’t leave until I’d achieved my goal of being the Student Body President.  After studying Economics and Political Science, I graduated and started working for GoNetYourself, a scalable, full-service video production company, where I led the implementation of a custom-built onboarding and client management process and software.  I also helped drive revenue growth through customer retention and upsells.

In 2015, I switched to SaaS. I’ve now been the Head of Revenue at BookNook and formerly Socedo. I not only have the responsibility for managing a stellar team of professionals, but I also get to be on the cutting edge of what is essentially a new department at many companies. There are few standards, and I get the opportunity to invent new and cool ways to build Revenue teams every day.

Even more, at BookNook, I’m able to address a huge need in communities across the United States. We focus on helping students who are struggling with reading improve their literacy. I’ve said that the two greatest macroeconomic equalizers are infrastructure and education, so I’m extremely excited to be contributing to the success of one of those areas.

I’m passionate about Sales, Customer Success, Startups, Inbound/Content Marketing, MarTech, Technology, a bit of SQL, and life in the Pacific Northwest.  I love to hike, ski, travel, hang with friends and family, and cook. I also sit on the Board of Directors as the Treasurer for a small nonprofit called Chamwino Connect that funds education and cultural projects in Central Tanzania.

Recently, due to some medical-school related letters given to my significant other, we are moving to Portland, Maine. She’ll be an Emergency Medicine resident at Maine Medical Center, which is the last step in her long journey to become a doctor in Emergency Rooms. I, fortunately, am able to keep my job at BookNook as we start our life in the Northeast.

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